The Philosophy and Opinions of Bushido Garvey

The boom-bap analysis, reflection, and expression of an educator.

Black Board, White Chalk: The Miseducation and Power of Black Teachers

      “Carter G’s point was eloquent/ Not intellectual masturbation it’s relevant/” Police get a bad rap. They are often represented as the main agitators, violators, and aggressors towards the humanity of people of color. Why should the policing system get all the credit? I think it gets the most credit because assaulting the…

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Dreams and Nightmares: The Robbing of the Meek

    I committed to writing about this man in a manner that wouldn’t just be a fogged up reflection of what usually gets written about him around this time period. I don’t know if this is possible, but this is my attempt. If I fail at this you may not be too invested in making peace…

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