The Philosophy and Opinions of Bushido Garvey

The boom-bap analysis, reflection, and expression of an educator.


Top Ten Favorite Songs of All Time!

In the spirit of the holidays, I thought I would note a few of my favorite things. When I create lists like this it also helps me understand myself, and helps those who are interested understand me as well. We use the phrase “I love this song” relatively loosely. I can honestly say that I…

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When Passion Suffices, the Work Suffers

“Where it is you at? Is it where your supposed to be?/ Or maybe not, so you decide to listen not so close to me?/ Yo it really sucks that that’s what we as humans chose to be/ It really puts a limit to personal goals achieved/” ~Bushido Garvey, Highs and Lows (To Unfold), Nugzky Garvey…

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