The Philosophy and Opinions of Bushido Garvey

The boom-bap analysis, reflection, and expression of an educator.

When Passion Suffices, the Work Suffers

“Where it is you at? Is it where your supposed to be?/ Or maybe not, so you decide to listen not so close to me?/ Yo it really sucks that that’s what we as humans chose to be/ It really puts a limit to personal goals achieved/” ~Bushido Garvey, Highs and Lows (To Unfold), Nugzky Garvey…

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Too B.L.A.C.K. For you? Cooperative Economics and the Education Connection

    The song “They Schools” by dead prez is a song that every educator of black and brown students needs to listen too. You’re not necessarily listening to it because you identify with the language and anger, but because the point dead prez makes is real (ESPECIALLY at the end of the song). The…

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School to Prison Pipeline: The Play, The Reality, and The Momentum to Destroy It

    This past Saturday evening was a beautiful and organic moment that showed the momentum that this city has established for making the necessary changes to our communities and school district. The Breaking The  School to Prison Pipeline play debuted that night at Franklin High School’s considerably large auditorium. Hundreds of people including community figures, organizations,…

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Lesson Plan Artists: Are Teachers Creating Classic Hip-Hop Albums?

    When I first starting scrambling to learn how to be an effective teacher, I was wondering why all the toiling felt so appropriate, felt so promising, and felt so fruitful despite the fact that on average it took 30 mins before I constructed just one idea that may have contributed to an exceptional plan…

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Those Who Can, Teach; And Those Who Can, Must

I remember during my adolescence, my attention started to get more fixated on how higher learning institutions operated. While learning about college, I found it strange that teachers in college had other professional endeavors that aligned with what they taught in a classroom. Along with teaching a course/content to students, they were authors, performers, researchers,…

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Superintendent Gone, The Cycle Continues

So, our Superintendent is quitting.     Hearing the news wasn’t a surprise. City magazine, 13 Wham News, and the D & C have left enough breadcrumbs for us to assess the possibility of an early leave. Reports of him and the board incessantly butting heads have been pretty routine over the past year or…

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Welcome to The Terrordome!

I remember reading Chuck D’s autobiography Fight The Power, and finding out that the terrordome in Public Enemy’s rebellion-encouraging song “Welcome to the Terrordome” was supposed to symbolize the energy and environment of the 1990s. I’m not sure if he would agree with me, but I would argue that this terrordome filled with D’evils (Reasonable Doubt reference) and…

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