The Philosophy and Opinions of Bushido Garvey

The boom-bap analysis, reflection, and expression of an educator.

Reflection and Ticket Out the Door: The Bobb Mohommod Hip-Hop Show

      Due to many reasons, I have been unable to present this to the world until now, but this is evidence that God’s timing is everything, even with smaller things. Dag near a month ago I was on the Bobb Mohommod Hip-Hop Show, and there we chapped it up on Hip-Hop Culture and…

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Reaction to the Board’s RTA Contract “Yes” Vote.

Now that I have had a day to internalize, I can articulate what I saw happen… The letter that I produced to my colleagues in the Rochester City School District attempted  to get them to understand how vague policy language in the teacher contract empowers bias, racism, and abuse of power. They overwhelmingly voted the…

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Open Letter to RCSD Teachers Regarding Contract: Voting “No” Tomorrow for Students

Editor’s Note: This letter was originally drafted March 22nd, the day before RCSD teachers had to vote on the approval of their contract. It attempts to explain how approving the contract under a few suspicious circumstances is harmful for our students.   Hello Fellow Panthers and Teachers,   As you all know, tomorrow we are to…

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Black Board, White Chalk: The Miseducation and Power of Black Teachers

      “Carter G’s point was eloquent/ Not intellectual masturbation it’s relevant/” Police get a bad rap. They are often represented as the main agitators, violators, and aggressors towards the humanity of people of color. Why should the policing system get all the credit? I think it gets the most credit because assaulting the…

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Top Five Rap Quotes About Sucky Teaching

  It wasn’t until I did some analysis on the roots of my worldview that I realized that there have been rap lyrics that have informed my decision to teach and informed my methods of teaching. They have assisted with my goals to teach beneficial information with  through an emancipatory pedagogy (wadup Dr. Goodwin!). Whenever I design lesson…

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Dreams and Nightmares: The Robbing of the Meek

    I committed to writing about this man in a manner that wouldn’t just be a fogged up reflection of what usually gets written about him around this time period. I don’t know if this is possible, but this is my attempt. If I fail at this you may not be too invested in making peace…

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RCSD EXPOsure of Great Work, a sad truth, and a Strong Resolve

    Saturday was a day that blessed my energy reserves for our fight in education. I wasn’t sure what the Rochester City School District School EXPO was going to be like, and since I half-payed attention to my emails, I thought I had to attend. After talking to my principal when I arrived, I…

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W.O.R.D. Up: Bill Cosby

So as an English teacher, I’m a big fan of using acronyms to help my students articulate themselves (Topic Sentence Evidence Analysis Link, Role of the Writer Audience Format Topic, Restate Answer Cite Explained, SOAPSTone (too long.), etc.) There’s even a tough one called Hit the Q.U.A.N. (Question, Underline, Answer, Note evidence)! But I digress…   In…

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Resolutions With No Date, Resolutions That Challenge Perspective

“This era (year) will be like others, a good pocker mock/ Some will have it in the pocket, others catch ‘em on the flop/” Bushido Garvey “The New Year ft. Azariah”, Groceries   “Just a parable in the holy text of life/ It’s only bearable if you see the best of life/ Realize that, and…

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Top Five Emcees (Rappers) Who Are/Were Classroom Teachers

  As I stated in a previous entry, many educators are in professional education because of the education they received through their hobbies, passions, or cultures. Either as appreciators and practitioners, sometimes educators don’t even separate what they do in a classroom from the actual passion itself. The passion from outside the classroom flows into…

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