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Birthday: This is How I Chill From 29 Till…

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I’ve been on this planet for 29 rotations around the sun. What would 19-year old Brandon say about where I am now? What about 9-year old Brandon? Knowing 19-year old me, he’d be like “dag, how we get so big??” Knowing 9-year old Brandon would be like “Dag, we went to college TWICE? That’s dumb. Your wife is fine though!” More importantly, they would probably be proud of the inter/intrapersonal challenges have been surmounted, and perhaps sad that some of them haven’t been as resolved/defeated as they would have hoped.


Ten sun rotations from now, what will 29-year old Brandon think of 39-year old me? I hope I’ll make me proud, and that 39 year-old me would be able to present a fruitful decade to pre-30 Brandon. Equitably-established educator and emcee careers, children, social changes made, spiritual synchronicity and consistent peace of mind would be dope realities to present! I guess the beautiful thing about being in the now is that I can start working on this presentation for August 9th, 2026!


I would like to use this very simple entry to thank Christ, my wife, my blood family, my spiritual family, my colleagues, my students and detractors (“haters” gets used too much, and sounds too much like 19-year old Brandon) for giving me support and focus in all dimensions of life. I hope to continue to build with you all for more as many sun rotations as the Lord will permit! More music, more education, and more love to come. Peace and Progress!




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bushidogarvey • August 9, 2016

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