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Reflection and Ticket Out the Door: The Supreme Dweebcast with Moses Rockwell


Due to many reasons, I have been unable to present this to the world until now, but this is evidence that God’s timing is everything, even with smaller things.


Dag near a month ago I was on the Supreme Dweebcast With Moses Rockwell, and there we chopped it up about The New EP Our Battle Raps, teaching, Geese Poop Coffee (???), style changes, other local artists, the trendiness of consciousness, the complex legacy of Kanye West, Christianity, and my contributions to Rochester Hip-Hop. I and my fellow teachers implement a basic assessment tool called a “ticket out the door” for us to see the basic things that our students learned from the lesson. I applied this type of tool to my own experience on the Supreme Dweebcast with Moses Rockwell, and the Ticket Out The Door activity I chose to complete was the “C.L.E. (Confirmed, Learned, and Earned)”


WARNING: The following blog entry contains traces of BROMANTICISM  inside. Keep out of reach of the emotionally unbalanced.


How did this experience confirm what you believed or thought before the experience?

Garvey- With Moses Sharp Kaylee

Me:Black Guy on the Right; Moses: Racially Ambiguous Man in the Center

It confirmed that I and Moses Rockwell are good friends that wouldn’t need a studio or a similar artistic promotional need to be connected. For those who are just starting and learning how to establish yourself as an artist, you’ll soon discover that just because somebody has an artistic passion similar to yours, that doesn’t necessarily increase the likelihood of you two being friends or even getting along. In fact, due to the rat race we call Artist Promotion, the opposite may be more likely to be true. I am proud of the fact that music can be made, not made, whatever, I can chop it up with a music colleague that would be a homie even if our artistic abilities vanished. Also, it was through talking to an honest and reflective friend that  I began to reflect and feel vindicated about my musical contributions to my city (prolific local album, co-establishing a cultural haven called the Dub Land Underground, etc.), which are notable, but not crownable lol.

What did you learn about yourself or the world when you went through the experience?

I learned that I can be honest about frustrations I have reserved in my mind regarding my life in noapologygeneral, but more specifically around my faith and my frustrations about not having the recognition I thought I could have. My faith is typically personal and isn’t often talked about unless it’s in a song or my home, but it was liberating to talk about my experiences with it openly and unapologetically. It wasn’t as awkward as I thought it may have been, but maybe that had to deal with the host. However, I also feel that through this interview I learned that I can be consistently decent at talking in interviews. This will be an important skill to keep and hone as I continue. Lastly, I learned that Moses Rockwell is frickin’ hilarious! He’s rarely shown me that much of his comedic abilities. This dude had me rollin’.   


What did you earn for yourself as a result of your decision to go through this experience?

I feel as if I earned a cleared mind about my own contributions to the region. I earned the right to be unapologetic about it, and I earned that right to not double-question it (although over-stating it should be avoided!). I also earned an elevated friendship with Moses Rockwell, who produced and was featured on my second EP “Unprofitable Servants”, and was a great person before that and has been a great person since. Lastly, I earned a fun experience, which is clearly recognizable once you listen to the podcast.


Here’s the podcast again (go to Moses Rockwell’s Soundcloud Page for more of his upcoming Podcasts). Peace and Progress!





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bushidogarvey • August 2, 2016

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