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A Time For Blogging, A Time For Doing, and a Time For Both

I’ve been fairly quiet over the past two or so months, and some may declare that this is a bad time to stay quiet. I might push back on that. Too often, I feel like there is an intrinsic push to communicate via blogging, Facebook, Twitter, etc. that stems from an insecurity that this new information era has milked. As Chuck D said, attention is the new currency. Social Media is the money booth. We are madly scrambling for a few wrinkly dollars.



With that being said, I felt that it was possible that my readership would drastically drop, and that the attention towards me might plummet, but didn’t care enough about that to give you posts that might have been readable, but didn’t come out of the following things: a) a need b)an informed mind c)a clear head d)appropriate timing. Consistently, at least 2-3 of those things have been missing over the past month or two. Unfortunately, the past two  months in our country (and particularly my city) have been violent, unstable, and telling. The past two weeks (specifically regarding the police killing black men, black men killing police, and the protests that followed) have been meditative, testy, and complicated. The whole time I’m thinking: “Am I gonna write or…” when I didn’t have the slightest desire. It has been an interesting feeling.


The main thing that I discovered is okay is that there is a time to BLOG, a time to DO, and a time to DO BOTH. Going back to Chuck D’s economy analogy, writing should be a currency to plan for and acquire Actions, which would be assets in our society. You often need currency (dollar bills, coins, etc.), to acquire assets (stocks, bonds, properties, investments, etc.) that allow you and your family to be sustainable.  You can have plenty of currency but without assets that currency can rapidly lose significance and value. This is why I highly appreciate MLK’s books: words of a writer and doer. This is why I highly appreciate Che Guevara’s writing: because he was a writer and a doer. This is why I appreciate Frederick Douglass’ writing: words of a writer and doer. Their assets were appropriately balanced with their currency, so the currency they carried meant something. In the time of “say something or else people will stop paying attention to you,”  we occasionally mis-calibrate how much we should talk versus how much we should do. There are times where both are required. However, its on the person to decide when that moment is, not societal pressures. My writing is mortar, the bricks are the work, and activism is masonry (chill out conspiracy theorists!). The mason must know the art in the way in which they where uniquely meant to know it. I look forward to continue to learn, and hope other folk learn this truth. Peace and Progress.



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bushidogarvey • July 25, 2016

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  1. Banke July 25, 2016 - 9:37 pm Reply

    Thank you for having the discipline to hold your tongue. The wait was well worth it!

  2. Van August 8, 2016 - 5:04 am Reply

    Well said!!

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