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RCSD EXPOsure of Great Work, a sad truth, and a Strong Resolve




Douglass’ Sweet Set Up!

Saturday was a day that blessed my energy reserves for our fight in education. I wasn’t sure what the Rochester City School District School EXPO was going to be like, and since I half-payed attention to my emails, I thought I had to attend. After talking to my principal when I arrived, I found out I didn’t have to come to this event which displays what our schools have to offer. Despite the fact that I was freed from my duties of preaching about the Church of Displaying IMG_1093.JPGLatter Day Panthers, I couldn’t help but stay…Displaying IMG_1093.JPG




Leadership Academy’s Young Men Looking Like S1-Ws!


A Former Student of Mine Explaining PTECH Offerings and Robot Programming!


I’ll try not to ramble or get over academic, but I was just so happy with what surrounded me at that EXPO. I saw our RCSD schools, small and big, techie and artsy-fartsy, elementary and high school, well-resourced and under-funded beautifully demonstrate their energy and their display boards with customized school pride and offerings. It was clear through the presentations that each school knew exactly who they were. Leadership Academy had their students presenting their school offerings in their military suits. P-TECH had their students discuss course opportunities and showed off a robot that they programmed. East High comprehensively illustrated its offerings and collaboration with the University of Rochester. School #19 showed off their community based Dad’s in School program. The RCSD Marching Band and Choir were also there in full effect advertising the program through tabling and exercising their talents by performing joints by Michael Jackson and Lauryn Hill (See below).




I’m an ’05 graduate of this fine institution.

What really allowed my excitement to be unscathed was that I saw no type of fronting or over-exaggeration of what a school has to offer. I didn’t feel like the teachers, administrators, and students were being misleading and painting a golden image of their school, but instead they were showing the golden parts of their school. This authenticity was present in conversations, explanations, and demonstrations regarding the schools capabilities and offerings. Truth be told though, anybody who would try to front would have been aired out quicker than you can say “high achievement,” because it is well known how abysmal many of our schools are performing despite hard work and despite golden moments.



Citywide Band Killing It Got Me Ready to Freestyle LOL

I guess that would be the one hill that cross-examined the positive energy that I received in the morning. While I saw all of this authentic awesomeness at this EXPO, it seemingly hasn’t materialized our district into holistic awesomeness. What would make the awesomeness of the EXPO offerings match the district as a whole? Are more programs needed? Do programs and resources need to be more comprehensively coordinated and connected? Are there specific types of programs we need for others? Just food for thought, even if I’m the only one getting served. Whatever the answers are, the EXPO gave me faith that we can find them. Peace and Progress.


Our Battle Raps  EP release 


Monday February 22






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    Choir was poppin!

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