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W.O.R.D. Up: Bill Cosby

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Hit the QUUAAAAAN!!!!

So as an English teacher, I’m a big fan of using acronyms to help my students articulate themselves (Topic Sentence Evidence Analysis Link, Role of the Writer Audience Format Topic, Restate Answer Cite Explained, SOAPSTone (too long.), etc.) There’s even a tough one called Hit the Q.U.A.N. (Question, Underline, Answer, Note evidence)! But I digress…


In that same spirit, I created the W.O.R.D. Up! Acrostic to discuss complex situations, challenges, and events that I am mildly privy/very privy to. The first one is about the Bill Cosby Controversy!


W.O.R.D. Up! : Bill Cosby



Bill Cosby was arraigned on three felony charges on aggravated indecent assault. This charge includes penetrating a person without consent, and drugging the person that gets penetrated. These charges are ultimately associated with dozens and dozens of rape accusations made by many women regarding circumstances from the 60s into the new millennium. One of these accusations in 2005 has been backed by an admittance in which Cosby stated he gave a woman Quaaludes with the intent to have sex with her. As a result of the accusations and charges, re-runs of the Cosby show have been terminated, many business deals including having a new show have been terminated, and he has been stripped of his honorary degrees. It is clear that this moment in time has left/will leave a major impact on his legacy.



Of course…

This is a well-timed, inequitable attack on Bill Cosby and his economic and cultural prowess as a black male. As sick and evil spirited as the entertainment industry is/has been with inside stories of rampant drugging, rape, and pedophilia, Bill Cosby happens to be the guy who gets exposed and is under serious threat of jail time. It is no coincidence his prospective and probable purchase of NBC was in motion just prior to the unfolding of allegations. It isn’t coincidental that black social and economic power has been individualized and limited (think over-abundant black athletes, no little to no team owners and managers). Those who have attempted to break the glass ceilings through to the levels of autonomy have suffered greatly. These N.W.D. (Niggas With Dirt) get exposed right before they attempt to make their big move. What happened right before Jesse Jackson started to march on George Bush’s inauguration after tossing out predominantly black votes? His side chick baby-mama drama got aired out like a kite string. Think Elijah Muhammad baby drama. Think J Edgar Hoover’s fierce endeavors to uncover MLK’s marital affairs. Coincidence? I think not.



Regardless though,

This brotha has admitted to one of these incidents. Even though I believe that many of these women are bandwagoning for the greater cause of racism/white supremacy (black women and white women, imagine that!), I for one a) am not sagacious enough to say which ones are lying and b) am not foolish enough to say they are all lying. The truth of the matter is Bill Cosby has raped at least one woman. Yes, what he admitted to was rape. Period. If I told you that I, a lowly school teacher, snuck sedative drugs into a woman’s drink to impair her ability to say no, it would be over for me. It would be over for you too if you did this. But it wouldn’t be over for Bill Cosby? It would be condemningly contradictory for any school teacher or do-gooder to do that disgusting behavior behind closed doors. How would it not be condemningly contradictory for Bill Cosby, the same man who shook his finger at pants-saggers and scolded struggling mothers? Hmmm…



Despite the fact….

That this exposure of Bill Cosby’s actions was a strategy straight out of the white supremacy playbook, Cosby gave them the resources and options to run that play. Older heads will tell you (including Nikki Giovanni and my Mom Dukes) that Cosby has already had incidents and moments that travel far from the Cliff Huxtable image. Fortunately (but under unfortunate circumstances), his darkness-cloaked truths came to the light. I don’t know about you, but when I’ve been told that old adage “the truth will always come to the light,” it never included a statement about how it would come to light. They’ve always indicated that truth will come to light when there’s hypocrisy afoot (Cosby?), but there was seldom a statement about how. That’s because there isn’t just one way for the truth to come to light. Sometimes a truth will naturally come out over time, and other times, like this one, it will be forced out, possibly with some new lies mixed into it (ie. the select false rape accusations mixed in with the true). Don’t worry, those lies will be exposed as lies as well. Give it a couple of years. All I know is NWDs (Niggas With Dirt) need to be careful and reflect on their lives, because their ability to advance their people is depending on them knowing how to manage their Achilles heel. They will get their own blog entry one day. W.O.R.D. up! Peace and Progress.


By the way, Hannibal Burress (one of the first comedians to expose Cosby for this behavior) has been awful quiet lately…just a thought…






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bushidogarvey • January 5, 2016

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  1. Brittany January 8, 2016 - 11:55 pm Reply

    You called mom an “older head”

    • bushidogarvey January 10, 2016 - 8:52 pm Reply

      lol yea I hope she doesnt pick up on that…ever.

  2. Rablo January 14, 2016 - 2:13 pm Reply

    Hannibal Burress Actually did make a comment on those reactions to his stand up about Cosby saying “That’s Crazy.” He said that last month I believe…Anyways good read its crazy how he went to court in a hoodie and the judge told him “good luck” It seems that he has some funny people around him but I didn’t know he lost his honorary degrees…

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