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Resolutions With No Date, Resolutions That Challenge Perspective

“This era (year) will be like others, a good pocker mock/ Some will have it in the pocket, others catch ‘em on the flop/”

Bushido Garvey “The New Year ft. Azariah”, Groceries


“Just a parable in the holy text of life/ It’s only bearable if you see the best of life/ Realize that, and you’ll be a live cat/ Not concerned about where the other 8 lives at/”

Bushido Garvey “ ’09 Till Infinity ft. Pream Sol,” Demo to Self: A Strange Compilation




So we are approaching the New Year, which makes me think of New Year Resolutions, which makes me think of goals and commitments, which makes me think of the struggles to uphold them, which makes me think about our frustrations with ourselves and other people.


What breaks ruts and bad habits? What allows for new healthy ones to grow and thrive (for more than two weeks)? I often think about physical, academic, and spiritual goals that I set for myself, just for them to yield little results. It makes me reflect on the students that I teach, who tell us that they will do better with being on time, be better at not disrupting class, and try harder to understand the content, just for us to be disappointed with them. I wonder how often we think about how they might be disappointed with themselves and their rut. Whether or not teachers want to be reflective enough to see this truth, all of us tend to rut in things that we would like to change.


Children are just adults that are missing a few skills. They are adults that are missing the skill to mask their shortcomings and flaws. They are adults that are missing the skill to work around their shortcomings and flaws. They are adults that haven’t learned to put a leash on their shortcomings and flaws. There is this “power of yet” (as Carole Dweck would put it) that we must understand exists in us and our students. If we are to be successful in education, we always have to understand that there is a “yet” for the student and a “yet” for the teacher in each situation. For example, in regards to the student that won’t stop talking in class, he/she hasn’t learned to consistently stop “yet,” and the educator hasn’t found a way to keep him/her motivated to change “yet.” It is this dual accountability that will allow for change to come eventually.


If education has made anything clear to me about life it is this: change is typically a slow, patience testing, and passion-thinning process. It is a process that challenges our ability to commit to growth and challenges our ability to empathize with other’s growing process. If we remember this unfortunate truth about change, we will be able to stick it out with kids who have made broken resolutions to themselves and others over and over again while meditating on our own “yet” realities. This is when resolution gets turned into revolution. Happy New Year! Peace and Progress.



“ ’09 is the year for individual revolution/ No tame attempts, AKA resolutions.”

Bushido Garvey, “ ’09 Til Infinity ft. Pream Sol,” Demo To Self: A Strange Compilation

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bushidogarvey • December 30, 2015

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  1. Brittany December 30, 2015 - 4:16 pm Reply

    Another good one!

    • bushidogarvey January 1, 2016 - 3:21 pm Reply

      Thank you Madame!

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